Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Superdelegates as thieves

Many are speculating that Democratic party super delegates might vote for Hillary Clinton even if Barack Obama wins more pledged delegates. Super delegates tend to be elected officials, activists and party hacks, and are more likely to be tied to the establishment Clinton camp. The Clintons seem willing to stop at nothing to get the nomination, and it's easy to imagine a super delegate succumbing to a call from Bill Clinton.

The Democrats had an election stolen in 2000. If party hacks subvert the will of the majority and nominate a person with fewer pledged delegates, I will consider it as another stolen election. If we get another one stolen, this time by our own party, I'll be outraged. I will not vote for Clinton; I will probably just write in Obama's name.

Obviously my vote in Idaho, for any Dem, is virtually meaningless and symbolic. Given the anti-democratic electoral college and that Idaho votes heavily Republican, Dems are basically disenfranchised regarding the office of President. My vote might mean something on a national popular vote count, so I'll cast it accordingly.

BTW, if the reverse is true and Obama has fewer pledged but the hacks nominate him, I guess I'll write in Hillary. Just to be consistent. But my heart won't be in it. I'm really disappointed in the campaign she's running. It's devisive, self-centered, sloppy, and without soul.

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Sisyphus said...

OK, Alan, put down the rock. We can change the system next time. But I'm going to see if it fails first. I don't see that yet. In fact I think it will work just fine since super-delegates previously committed to Hill are fleeing in droves. The super-dels are not going to buck their own constituency. You think any Idaho supers are going to vote for her? If so I want a piece of that action.

In your defense I do know that super delegates were basically threatened to come out early for Hillary or suffer the wrath of the Clintons. I'm impressed that so many held out.