Monday, February 11, 2008

Regional Editions

A year or so ago, maybe a year and a half, the Idaho Statesman announced they were putting out regional editions of the paper. Boise, West Ada, Canyon County, or something like that. The paper was trying to be more relevant locally.

Did the Statesman quietly let those editions slip away? I notice the front page of today's edition says "Boise Edition," and Sunday's said "Boise & West Ada Edition." Is there any real difference?

I do think the Statesman is doing better with local coverage, especially prep and BSU sports. And, kudos to the story about behind the scenes connections and family ties in today's paper. More of that, please.

But the regional editions, eh, does anyone give a rip roarin' rat's rearend?


fortboise said...

Did you just ask for more coverage of the Bongoes?!


Alan said...

I'm not sure who the Bongoes are, but I am asking for more coverage of the behind the scenes power plays and personal and political connections.

There is little to none of that. Nicole LeFavour is currently doing the best reporting on the legislature, with Betsy Russell a very close second, IMHO. BR writes about more stuff, but NLF gives real insight into the politics at play. That's waht I'd like to see in the Statesman.

Sisyphus said...

IMHO Nicole is providing some real insight but not much substance. Betsy is still the queen of relevant substance.

slfisher said...