Saturday, February 02, 2008

Obama ralley

Pix from the Obama Rally. I plan (more accurately, hope) to upload some video later. Click any to enlarge.

First, after the speech Obama worked the rope line.

They planned for fewer people than showed up, and had to take down a wall blocking one side of the stadium. Caused a half hour or so delay. The line went from the Pavilion, around the football stadium, and past the old church. Security was oddly very light getting in.

The fabric wall is down, and people are filing in. The entire stadium eventually filled, and some folks were stranded outside. Folks were in the parking lot as early as 05:30.

The usual back drop of people for the candidate. I see Walt Minnick and Larry LaRocco, and Anne Hausrauth (I think).

I think this was a table of bloggers, perhaps other media types.

Media scrum. Yes, scrum, not scum. Can you spot the NewWest reporter? Jill Kuraitis was also there.

More media. Kind of fun to report on the reporters.

More media views.

Statesman editor Kevin Reichert in action.

Statesman reporter Rocky Barker Brian Murphy in action.

Branden Durst showed up.

Chris Kelly, and unidentifed SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy; the ponytail gives it away).

Update: Changed a name to protect the innocent. Thanks to the commenters for helping me get it right.


Sisyphus said...

Those weren't bloggers necessarily. Those tables were for the national media, the ones who travel with Obama. They got breakfast catered and weren't too popular with the local media which was placed not so strategically behind the riser.

I'm glad to report that despite your photographic attention on the media none of those photos displayed caught me, a lowly blogger who tried not to get in anyone's way. As pecking orders go we felt at the bottom of the food chain, but were treated respectfully.

untamedshrew said...

I agree with Sisyphus. We were treated respectfully - if they even noticed our presence. Most of the national media never looked up from their laptops.

BTW - that's not Rocky Barker, it's a reporter from Fox 12.

slfisher said...

Geez, I was thrilled to be able to be treated as media even though I didn't have any business cards or anything with me. The space was fine.

Anonymous said...

Um, that's neither Rocky Barker nor FOX-12's Kuester, it the Statesman's Brian Murphy. Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.

untamedshrew said...

Darn! Anonymous is right. I knew it wasn't Rocky Barker, but got Murphy confused with Fox 12 reporter Nate Kuester b/c they were both there that morning. I wonder if apologies are in order, and if so, to whom - Brian or Nate? :)

alan said...

Thanks for the corrections. I have only the pictures in the Statesman to go by, and my top down view, so I couldn't really tell.

I should have said "I think" it's Rocky Barker. Anyway, I'll fix it, and I really do appreciate the help getting it right.

Jill Kuraitis said...

The last shot of KIDO's Chris Kelly with "Sensitive New Age Guy"? That's her husband. A very smart and fine fellow.