Sunday, February 03, 2008

More Rally Pix

A couple of pix from the rally. Sisyphis commented that the local folks were relegated to an inferior spot behind the camera table, and this picture shows that.

This is a close up pic of the local folks. I recognize a couple of these reporters, but I'll let them identify themselves, if they want to.


Jill Kuraitis said...

The fat blondish woman in black standing in the lower left corner is me.

The reporter in a plaid shirt and black pants, center top, sort of leaning over, is New West's Sharon Fisher,interviewing two reporters from a Latino radio station.

Behind Mr. Dark Pink Shirt (a radio guy) in the middle, the young woman sitting in front of the red/pink laptop is the editor of the BSU Arbiter.

Lower right-ish in the bright blue shirt and reddish hair is Joan Cartan-Hansen of IDPTV.

In the very right middle you can see most of Betsy Russell of the Spokesman-Review, sitting in front of her laptop.

The local reporters did sort of get an inferior position, but we weren't restricted. We could walk around behind the national reporters and stand there if we wanted to. Those were the "boys on the bus" who of course are also women, who travel with Obama. They seemed pretty bored and jaded, but I asked the national NBC guy what he thought of the whole rally and he said it really WAS a remarkable one. Dunno if he was sincere.

Jill Kuraitis

Sara E Anderson said...

Too bad I'm all the way up here!

slfisher said...

I didn't feel it was an inferior position. I was thrilled at how much room there was for local press at all, and there was a nice big open space in front of the risers, which prevented all the damn tall people from standing in front of me. I was able to see Obama during the entire speech just fine.

The woman in the bright blue shirt is from Dialogue.

Dean said...

Eventually, three lines formed. The longest, and first, ran from the Pavilion, past the Student Union and ended somewhere around the library. The second one started as a "green ticket holders" line, eventually took in everyonline started near the first one and people jumped over when they found out it was actually competing with the older, longer first line. I mention all of this because there was a considerable amount of grumbling about how those of us that got there early were relegated to getting in later. A girl in front of us talked on her cell phone with two friends inside. The friends arrived a few minutes before 7 and were in by 715. We arrived at 6 and got in just after 8. My group complained about the cold, the wait and line management, though mostly they talked about the historic nature of the event and that if they got in, the rest would be unimportant.

It was worth the wait.

Alan said...

Is Sisyphus in any of these photos? Just curious; not trying to ID him.

Alan said...

Oh, and BTW, "fat"? Please.

untamedshrew said...

The back of his head might be in one of the photos, but you wouldn't know it unless you knew exactly where he was standing at the time. He's an older guy - hair is getting might gray. :)