Friday, February 08, 2008

Kinda thin-skinned

I recently put up a post commenting on an article written by Chuck Oxley, the Communication Director for the Idaho Democratic Party. I guess this got under his skin. "Anonymous" left this comment, but since it's in the first person, I'm assuming it was Oxley.
Thanks ever so much for your insightful comments about my work. I've only been a professional writer since 1994, published globally in REAL paper rather than this fake computer stuff. I took a chance on a different approach, which you didn't like. I'm sooo sorry. Perhaps you would like me to use niggardly phrasing like "suck it" and be done?

buh bye.
Fake computer stuff? Seems like Oxley isn't much of a fan of the netroots.


chris said...

This could get interesting...

Sisyphus said...

Well, I'll give the poster the benefit of the doubt and assume it isn't him. But if it is, I find it inconsistent that the party is embracing bloggers while he is dissing them.

Anonymous said...

Dang, this is the 3rd time I tried to post here. I tried to sign up/sign in before, but the system would not let me.

I am not a regular visitor here. However, a few weeks ago, someone sent me an e-mail with the criticism of my Statesman column. I'm here today to say mea culpa for my thin-skindedness.

I obviously overreacted to what I viewed as a personal attack. You see, I wrote that not for the party (I would have used my title if that was my intention), but as a member of a small but tightly knit group of Boise canoe and kayak paddlers. Talking about taxing canoes is a pretty arcane subject, and I was trying to lighten it up with my original article. I have had several compliments on it from people who saw it as humorous, which was the original intent.

Yes, I do work for the Idaho Democratic Party. But I also have a life outside my job, and it was in that capacity that I was trying to engage the readers.

Truthfully, when I responded to the criticism posted here, I thought it would be "lost in cyberspace" because the posting was so old. Still, it was a silly and childish thing for me to do, and for that, I apologize.

Chuck Oxley

Uglicoyote said...

If you have your comments set to appear as pop-ups, then my pop-up blocker will prevent me from commenting. This could be waht happened to Oxley.

alan said...

ugli, I did have it set to pop up, but that's now changed. Thanks.