Monday, February 18, 2008

I been tryin' to tell him

I tried to click over to Adam's site today, and got this message:
It seems your account is currently using too much CPU / Memory time.
However, you still have access to:
Webmail / Email
cPanel Control Panel
FTP access
and other vital services…
Please note: that this page will be automatically removed as soon as the load decreases for your site.
I am not real savvy about all things internet, but I do know that Adam's site is the slowest site to load I ever visit. I also know his blog roll has metastisized and is out of control. Maybe they're related. Or maybe he just needs to pony up for more CPU time.


fortboise said...

Sort of like the old Ooops - something went wrong problem. Given the quality of his content, all I can say is that the threshold for popularity seems a bit lower on the Right. Not like Adam is the first to reveal that, however.

Adam Graham said...

A tad bitter this morning. I apologize, Tom, that I didn't find your RSS feed. You had no links for it on your blog. The Oops SOmething went wrong thing is a result of switching from b2evolution to Wordpress.

Might I suggest in order to get my blog (and all the blogs you want.) without having to load the whole site, set up an account at and then you can read all the new blog posts from every blog from one site and only go to the posts you want to read comments on.

Sisyphus said...

Or not.

Chris said...

Maybe that $1.99 plan for 50MB of bandwidth isn't working out so well. Wednesday morning and it is still down.

I vote for the clutter, it's like every widget on this side of the 'tubes is on his sidebar.

Not that I'm one to judge, I think my site is a little too cluttered.

untamedshrew said...

So his website's down. What's the problem?

Julie Fanselow said...

I agree that Adam's site is the slowwwwest looooading anywhere. I rarely stop by any more for that very reason. But I'd rather read what he's up to via commentary on the Dem sites, anyway.

Alan said...

Like Julie, I don't visit Adam's site much because it loads so slowly. It's not uncommon, whenmy connection is bogged down for whatever reason, that his site times out before it loads.