Monday, February 04, 2008

Here it is!

Thanks to a tip from Sisyphus, here's Jim Risch's web site. Currently there's a little video of Risch on the opening page. When I first checked it a couple of days ago it was a different front page, so they're working on it.

Some notes. On the "Jim Risch" link we see his family, and a nice looking bunch they are. (Snark: people can overcome genetics!) And, please take note Democrats, a picture of Risch standing in a stream, fishing.

On the "Issues" page, the top photo makes him look really old. Old is okay, I'm pushing the edges of it, but the pic isn't flattering and won't appeal to young folks. Also, it has a pic of men clambering over a wall next to his Illegal Immigration link. I dunno; they don't look Canadian to me, which is of course the country with which Idaho shares a border.

On the "Multimedia" page, the top photo features a little girl in an odd hat with glowing red eyes. I'm sure they'll run that pic through the red eye fixer before too long.

Seems like he's got a good relationship with his wife, as she's in many of the pictures. Not much info on the site yet, but it's early. Seems like he's off to a decent, though late, start.

I do have a beef. The main page shows Risch surrounded by Idaho Guardsmen. I think that comes pretty close to exploiting the military for political purposes. It's a picture of his inauguration as Governor. Can't they find a nice photo of people who weren't ordered to be there?


Mark said...

Typical Republican tactic. Use the military at every opportunity. To reinforce the idea that they are the party of protection. When in reality they are not. Can you say Walter Reed? How about taking away wounded vets re-enlistment bonus? Have you ever seen George W. talk in a venue like Barack Obama did on Saturday? Never, not once in seven years. You have to sign a loyalty oath in blood (ummmm, well, maybe not blood but you get the idea) and woe unto you if you show up with an "Impeach Bush" shirt on. You will be arrested and sent to jail. It doesn't surprise me at all that Jim Risch is using the military.

Mark said...

Just to reinforce the point:

Support a vet, give them a job.

Mark said...

Oh man, it is even more unbelievable:

fortboise said...

I fetched the page in a background tab; the video on it was wired in such a way that Jim took over my left-hand monitor, in full-screen 1280x1024 pixel glory, quite a bit too close and personal from where I sit.

Mom told us articulation was good, but his crispitude and facial flexibility was, how shall I say... George Orwell-creepy.

Now that he's played out, that monitor is black. And bringing his page up to the top in the browser window on the other one, I see his home page has a large, rectangular black hole in the middle, with the invitation to "ENTER WEBSITE." Someone forgot to add the October 31st disclaimer, "IF YOU DARE!!!!"