Friday, February 22, 2008

Frank Church Banquet

Well, the tickets sold out, which is pretty cool, and there will be a table of bloggers. Apparently the plan is that you show up and you're on a list, and you get in. I guess there are not real tickets, just the list, though I'm not really sure about that.

Other than the blogger table, I'm curious about whether there will be assigned seating. Most likely, yes, otherwise early arrivers will poach the favored tables usually reserved for the party wheels. There will probably at least be a few reserved tables.

I have yet another question. What is the dress code? No doubt the party wheels will be in suits or the equivalent. How 'bout us non-wheels? I'm not going to wear a suit, but I'd wear a tie and/or sport coat. I don't think blue jeans would be fashionable, but, being Idaho, I guarantee we will see folks in jeans. I'm a blogger. I don't get out much; help me out. There's always the ever-popular tuxedo t-shirt. I hope someone wears one of those.

Also, are cameras okay? Allowable but gauche? After all, we're bloggers and this is surely blogworthy. No one's going to bring a laptop and blog real time, are they?

And, just for fun speculating, who will be at the head table? No doubt we'll see Cece Andrus and Bethine Church. Richard Stallings? Markos Moulitsas, of course, since he's the key note speaker. Well, a good time will be had by all.


fortboise said...

Sheesh Alan, don't embarrass us. :-) Blue jeans, sport jacket and tie could work. I'm thinking you'll be more comfortable with a tie on, unless you have blue collar bona fides. (Even so, clean jeans will be in order.)

I seem to be reserving "suit" for funerals of late, so I'll probably go jacket, tie, yuppie pants. There's nobody I need impress at this point.

There will be cameras, I'm sure; maybe even as big as my clunky P&S, but smaller would be cooler (and big enough, for blogging). Doesn't everyone (besides me) have a cellphone with camera any more?

Jessica said...

Wide variety of dress at the FCB. Nice slacks and a nice shirt would do. Tie and sports coat would maybe be ideal but you could go without and be okay.

Pictures/camera should be okay as well.