Saturday, February 16, 2008

Frank Church Banquet

I went to the Idaho Democratic Party website to see if I could buy tickets to the Frank Church Banquet. A post on the site noted that they had fixed some bug with ordering the tickets, so I felt good and clicked on in.

I got to the fill-in boxes where I was asked to put in all my ordering info, and proceeded to do that. Before I pulled the trigger, I looked over the page and noted that it is a donation page. There a box to check for just "donation," and another to check for tickets. However, zero info on what actually happens once I make the purchase. Will the tickets be sent to me? Do I pick them up? If so, where? Is there just a list at the door?

Rather than risk my $150 on such unknowns, I chickened out and didn't complete the order. Guess I'll try and call and see if I can get some answers.


Tara A. Rowe said...

Alan, I'm glad to see somebody else wondered about this. I had looked at the site (though I haven't purchased my ticket yet) and was confused about how the ticket gets into my hand. Let me know if you find anything out.

Sisyphus said...

I called pre-caucus and pre-debugging. I didn't like the looks of it at all, being a paranoid luddite, so I called thinking I would just accomplish the task over the phone. Of course they weren't thinking that far ahead yet having their hands full with Obama and the caucus. I understood. The person on the phone didn't know how to take credit card info over the phone. I put my name on the list of people getting "the invite". That form was not the model of clarity either. I indicated that I wanted tickets and enclosed a check for $150. I have no idea how I'm supposed to obtain them however. I'm hopeful I will be on a list somewheres.

Alan said...

Great. That's 3 for 3 who've been confused. If I find out anything, I'll post it.

Sisyphus said...

I spoke with Carla at the office who was designated "keeper of the list". I was freaking out since Julie announced it was sold out. Carla did not know how people were to obtain their physical tickets. She was going to suggest to the powers that be that they would be made available at the door. I requested that she consult with said powers and get back with me so we can make an announcement.