Friday, January 04, 2008

What's Bill going to do?

Bill Sali is going to be in a quandary, on the horns of dilemma, between a rock and a hard place, pulled in two directions and rent asunder.

Bill's economic base, the Club for Growth, is bringing out the long knives to use against Mike Huckabee.
"Already tonight, Club for Growth [and] economic conservatives are attacking Mike Huckabee saying he's unacceptable for the party," David Gergen, a CNN political analyst, said Thursday night. "So there's going to be a fracas on the Republican side."
Bill is also famously evangelical, as of course is Pastor Huckabee. So which will Bill choose, God or mammon? Maybe Bubblehead can get Hoffman to tell us who Bill supports in the primary. I'd bet the CFG wants to know also.


Anonymous said...

I bet he goes with his pimp. Nothing like a steady flow of cash to keep a fellow interested.

Adam Graham said...

Well, contrary to your suggestion, Mike Huckabee is not a God. Just asevery Single Mormon doesn't support Mitt Romney, every single Evangelical doesn't support Mike Huckabee.

In addition, Bill Sali isn't supporting anyone in the Presidential primary. Right now, his focus is on serving Idaho and winning his own re-election. Idaho does't vote until May and he has no reason to throw himself into this thing.

Tom von Alten said...

Interesting. Adam Graham, Bill Sali spokesperson?!

alan said...

Adam, I'm not suggesting Huckabee is a god. It's a metaphor, to play off the old saying about not being able to serve both God and mammon. Sali has to choose between religion and money.

And you never know about politicians supporting someone in the primary. After all, most R politicians announced for Risch well ahead of the primary.

Sisyphus said...

Like anon suggests, and Adam confirms, he follows the money, and stays out of the fracas. Very humorous the religious war engaged by Republicans. Do you suppose that's why the founding fathers put the establishment clause front and center in the bill of rights? I have no sympathy for them whatsoever.

Adam Graham said...

No, I'm not being Bill Sali's spokesman. I just know he's answered this before. He has no reason to get in right now as a junior member of Congress.

Supporting Huckabee is not demanded by his faith, nor on the other hand do I think CFG would turn against Sali should he opt to support Huck.