Friday, January 25, 2008

Party Politics

Rep LeFavour included the following tidbit in one of her posts, that ought not be overlooked.
What kind of respect for the Democratic process and for true bipartisan problem solving does it show when the House Majority leader talks about ensuring that any place that elected Democrats will find its interests thwarted by this Majority. (emphasis added)
So, the House leadership is going to punish areas that vote Democratic, which goes a long way to explain the resistance to doing anything about the transportation problems in Boise. Such an attitude seems a bit petty and vindictive, but I guess that's the way politics are played in the Idaho legislature.

This might also help explain how the Republicans stay in power. One, voters are punished for voting for Ds, and two, few candidates want to work in an environment where their constituents interests are thwarted, thereby making the representative ineffective, just because of the party label. Twas ever thus, I suppose.

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