Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Missing something?

Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe it's just missing. I've been looking around for a Jim Risch for Senate website, and I can't find one. Google doesn't bring up any such reference, nor can I find one on any of the party web sites.

Assuming that Risch still doesn't have a site up, this tells us something. One, he doesn't much value the internets. Two, he's probably the Luddite we suspected him of being, and is almost certainly not smart about technology issues. Three, he's passing up donations. Four, he has little interest in connecting with younger and tech savvy folks.

And on a related note, I see that another R has joined the race for Senate. Betsy Russell reports here that Post Falls businessman Richard Phenneger has joined the fray.
In addition to Phenneger and Risch, there’s former eastern Idaho elk rancher Rex Rammell, Caldwell real estate broker and Iraq veteran Scott Syme, and former Caldwell city councilman Kent Marmon.
I wonder what these new entrants think about all the R leadership having already endorsed Risch. I wonder what the leadership thinks about this? It was one thing to try to freeze out Rammell, and perhaps pressure Craig, by boarding the Risch campaign bus before the primary. Now that other credible candidates have surfaced, is the leadership having second thoughts? If not, I guess that shows that Idaho's GOP truly is a good ol' boys club, and the party leadership is happy to anoint the winners rather than leave it up to the voters.


Sisyphus said...

You are on all fours with Risch. I would have thought Jason would have taken care of the website by now.

But "credible" candidates in opposition? Not sure about that. I'd think they would have to active in the party first.

alan said...

I mean credible, as opposed to Pro Life, or Harley Brown, or Rammell, or types like that. Either obvious whackjobs, or with an axe to grind. Sort of a de minimis standard.

Party activity would tend to generate credibility with party leadership.

Mark said...

Risch's take on the internet seems to be, "tubes",I don't need no stinkin "tubes!"

Kent Marmon said...

I'm one of the candidates, and I'd like to answer your question. My answer can be found in the middle column of the home page of my website at www.MarmonForIdaho.com, as well as in one of my blogs, posted at http://www.marmonforidaho.com/kents_blog, entitled, "We The People." You'll also see that I have a long, active involvement in Republican politics here in Idaho.
Kent A. Marmon