Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to rebrand?

How can Dems rebrand?

To begin with, it ought to be a requirement that every Dem include in every publication a picture of the candidate holding a gun or a fishing pole. Also, another requirement should be a photo of agriculture; show the candidate literally out standing in a field. Take every opportunity to identify and connect with hunters, anglers and farmers.

I saw a letter to the editor yesterday that highlighted an issue the Dems ought to jump all over. C'mon Roark, call a press conference and gripe about lack of access to public land. Dan Pfeiffer of Veradale, Wash. wrote:
We decided to hunt a section of public land that was entirely surrounded by private property near Fairfield. After some research, I found a landowner willing to give us written permission to cross his property.

Upon arrival,we were confronted by a different landowner who owned the majority of the surrounding acreage. After opining on how his grazing allotment on state land somehow preempted other public uses, he then showed us an air horn and threatened to drive around the property disrupting our hunt (a violation of Idaho law).

While I might understand a wealthy landowner not wanting to allow public access to his own property, I was shocked at the audacity of someone trying to impose that elitist attitude on public land.
Dems are natural allies with hunters and anglers, just as Republicans are the allies of ranchers and the extraction industries, constituencies that conflict with use of public lands.

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