Thursday, January 24, 2008

But Why?

Nick Jezierny at the Statesman reports on a remodel of the Kibbie dome, and this paragraph caught my eye.
The second phase, for which the $35 million is needed, involves lowering the football field 10 to 12 feet to allow for the addition of 3,600 seats. That will push the Dome's capacity to 20,000.
Given attendence at games in the dome, you gotta wonder what's the point of adding seats. How do they justify the cost of reducing the percentage of seats filled in a season? I figure it's about $9,722 per seat. What are they thinking?

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Anonymous said...

Increasing the Dome capacity is a worth doing because it will help recruiting for a program that is on the rise. I feel $35 million for the dig down is ridiculous. I would expand out the west end zone the width of the field. You could add 4000 seats for a fraction of the cost. It also keeps the indoor track and field facilities intact. Go Vandals!