Thursday, December 06, 2007

Oops. I did it again.

Huckleberries online reports here about a visit by the Gov and Lt Gov to a Couer d'Alene library. DFO writes "The Otters are in town today to participate in the Governor's Ball at the Coeur d'Alene Resort." I'm not sure whether this means the Rischs aren't going to the ball.

I think attending a Governor's Ball is probably in the line of duty for the Governor. Lt. Gov., probably not so much. What it smacks to me of is that Risch may once again be using state resources to get around the state to promote his campaign, especially if he doesn't actually attend the ball.

Maybe this is in the line of duty and Risch's trip is totally justified. Even if his attendance was not really part of his duties, I don't know what the travel arrangements were. Maybe Risch drove himself on his own dime. Maybe Risch's campaign will reimburse the state, if they used the state plane.

I guess he doesn't have to worry about the critics who alleged that he used the office of Governor to campaign for the Lt. Gov position. Discharging his Lt. Gov. duties will entail activity that will put him in the public eye, thus assisting his senatorial campaign.

I know I'm waffling here, but I don't think I can out and out accuse him of misusing state resources just because of this trip. Still, Risch is running for the Senate and there is little check on his actions, certainly not in a one-party super majority Republican state. I just think this bears watching.

Update: I reworked this a bit to clarify my point.

Later Update: Betsy Russell reports that it was indeed a fundraiser, so travel ought to be paid for by the Otter and Risch campaigns.

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