Monday, December 24, 2007

BSU Broncos

I had a little Hawaii Bowl party last night, and was disappointed by the Broncos. If you didn't watch the game, you probably don't care about the result. If you did, you don't need me to provide a replay or analysis here.

I do have a couple of points to make. As a fan I was disappointed by their choice to go to Hawaii instead of playing in the Humanitarian bowl against a better opponent. The kids chose their fun over the fans and the sake of the team, I think.

Second, if you watched the game, you couldn't avoid the interminable interview with Hawaii coach June Jones. The ESPN announcers let that run on WAY too long. You can watch a 9:49 minute YouTube posting below, if you're interested. They stopped commenting on and explaining the game, and they stopped replays in order to show Jones, despite at least one important play occurring.

I was looking at Jones' shirt while he talked. It was black with a white logo on the left chest. A few minutes later the camera showed some Pirate fans wearing theme aparrel, and I think I noticed something. I looks to me like Jones was sporting a skull and cross-bones as a shirt logo. In other words, a Jolly Roger symbol, and in still other words, a symbol of the Pirates team BSU was playing. If my view of the symbol is correct, I think Jones was rooting for the Pirates against the Broncos.

I've heard of classless behavior by Hawaii fans towards BSU fans. Admittedly, BSU has its share of louts as well. But if Jones was rooting against BSU by wearing that shirt, I can see where some of the blame lies.

Update: After much consideration and discussion, I've decided I'm really going to teach Jones a lesson. I'm going to root against Hawaii in the Sugar Bowl. That'll show him.

Later update: Well, after watching the Hawaii game I have to backtrack. The same logo on Jones' shirt was plastered all over the players's helmets. It appears to be an Hawaiian mask or something, with swords, or something, below. Anyway, it is a Hawaii logo, not a pirate logo.

I was still ambivalent at for a while during the game. Poor Hawaii got stomped so soundly that it was hard to watch. Also, their drubbing makes the entire WAC look weak. Boise will be lucky to get any ranking next year. And Colt Brennan dropped from Heisman candidate to just another quarterback in a weak conference; he may have killed his NFL prospects in a single night.

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Blue said...

"Also, their drubbing makes the entire WAC look weak."

Look? An accurate portrayal in my opinion.