Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank God for Mississippi

In a Statesman story about the number of Idaho students who make it to college, Idaho once again shares the bottom of the stats ladder with good ole Mississippi.
Finney's group gave Idaho a "D" grade for college participation, a bottom-of-the-barrel ranking that the Gem State shares with Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina.
So often when I see state comparisons, Mississippi is about the only state between Idaho and dead last. So for keeping us out of last place, I say, "Thanks, Mississippi."

Remember when the Oklahoma license plates said "Oklahoma is OK"? It was kind of funny; the state's official line was that it was okay. Not great, or even good, but okay. I guess Idaho can say, "At least we're not Mississippi."

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Cameron said...

I've wondered about this a bit as well. I graduated from Wendell High near Twin Falls and many of my classmates did not attend college. But it wasn't necessarily because they couldn't. Many just didn't want to. There are many people in the area that are content to work in the various manufacturing plants or farms in the area. They just don't see the need for higher education.