Friday, October 12, 2007

Risch; Fresh Ideas?

I checked today and couldn't find a web site for Risch for Senate. Risch's primary opponent, Rex Rammel, already has one up. (h/t Mountain Goat) Larry LaRocco has a website up, and he also has a blog. As Betsy Russell reported, Risch says he doesn't read blogs and he doesn't pay attention to comments in them.

Well, that's not surprising. The Idaho blogosphere is much more blue than red, so there's not as much to pull Risch in. Also, Risch is an old school guy. I know guys his age that don't even like to use email or computers. Russell ( or maybe it was Jill Kuraitis) once reported that Risch, wearing a sport coat and tie, apologized for his informality for not wearing a suit. That's some serious old school thinking.

I think Risch's old school mein, and his apparent lack of interest in the internet (he's announced for Senate, but no web site) says something about Risch's ability to bring new thinking to Congress. What it says is, not so much. "How I've always done business has worked for me and I see no reason to change."

Update: In the credit where credit is due department, Jill Kuraitis was the first person to ask Risch about whether he reads blogs or online news.


Mark said...

It is the old adage,"200 years of tradition unimpeded by progress". The Idaho GOP couldn't come up with a new fresh idea if it's life depended on it. They are stale as a wet cigar. I would laugh if Rex Rammel clean Risch's clock in the primary. Too bad that won't happen. All those dyed in the wool Republicans can be sure to install Risch with a safe majority. How sad.

Alan said...

It's the sense of entitlement and coronation that really gets to me. Rammel might give Risch a run, if the stars line up right.