Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Now you're talking crazy

Some might think he's talking crazy, but I think Jonathan Clements writing in the Wall Street Journal makes an excellent point.
We all tend to sit up and take notice when we come across people with fancy titles, hefty incomes and immense riches. Yet these aren't signs of genius or virtue. Want proof? All it takes is two words: Paris Hilton.
His short opinion piece is very much worth reading. I have believed for a long time that money doesn't make you special, unless you're using your money to buy the drinks.

I remember a line from the movie The Grifters. John Cusacks's love interest is talking about a victim they're setting up, referring to how gullible and not very smart he is, and she says something like "He made a lot of money (from a bogus savings and loan) so he thinks he's smart."

Wealth cannot be aquired without luck. Luck alone can get you wealth; the lottery. Hard work alone cannot get you wealth; there are millions of extremely hard working poor Americans. Luck is not a virtuous quality, just a delightful one to possess.

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Well said.