Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Live blogging the Craig Interview

Former sportscaster Marc Johnson wearing his best suit, trying to exude gravitas. Quotes paraphrased. My commentary freely mixed in with quotes and paraphrasing. Typing frantically so typos happen.

7:02 Craig thanks MJ for the opportunity to clear his name.

(Early notes recreated from a recording, so the times aren't listed)

Mrs. LC says, the statesman called 300 of their friends. Yowza, they got a lot of friends.

LC says he's a farmer and a rancher. Well, not for the last 30 years. He's a career politician.

MJ gushes "Your web site is one of the best web sites in the US Senate."

He's received over 1500 - 1800 emails, and he's read them all. "I've got to read it all. I've got to understand what Idahos [sic] are thinking." Tell that to Jim, I don't do email, Risch.

Mrs. Craig says she thinks Larry was targeted; lots of folks were set up in the Minneapolis airport.

Plays clip of LC resigning, shows wierd bearded guy in the background.

Says his resignation was part of "an unprecedented firestorm." Did you sleep through the Clinton years senator?

7:23 “People told me, Larry, fight for your rights.”… to party!

7:26 Larry found out he could be effective in Congress. “This seniority I hold isn’t mine, it’s belongs to Idaho.” Really? You act like it’s all about you.

7:28 Says he won’t walk away from Idaho’s veterans. Sorry, too late. Chairman of the Vet Committee, yet Walter Reed is woefully underfunded.

7:29 Mrs. Craig says, circumstances change and en educated person reevaluates, only a stubborn person won’t change his mind. Gee, I wonder what she thinks about Pres. Bush’s Iraq policy?

7:30 LC says Nev Sen Ensign never called him, he hasn’t talked to LC.

7:32 “I know people [who are] running for president. Oh my, are they righteous!” Take that Romney, you righteous twit.

7:36 LC has written 8 or 900 thank you notes. Geez, he has never written back to me when I’ve expressed disagreement with his votes. Too busy writing thank you notes.

7:38 LC says he laughed at Leno’s skit about river dance toe tapping in stalls.

7:40 What’s with the family photos conveniently turned to show up on camera, instead of toward the seating area?

7:40 Americans aren’t used to the politics of personal destruction. Hmmm, I recall “Bill Clinton is a naughty, bad, nasty boy.” What was that Larry?

7:42 Mrs. LC says she questioned everything over the last years living with LC, and is totally convinced that LC has been totally faithful to her. Totally!

7:43 "I was conflicted" when I seemed to counter the family values group.

7:46 Says he's honorary president of Idaho Special Olympics, makes about the zillionth time he's said "Idaho."

7:48 LC would "relish" a Senate ethics hearing. A great opportunity to pay back all the schmucks who abandoned him.

7:50 Two short clips of Jim Risch (!) and Larry Larocco, and 6 more references to "Idaho."

7:51 The Democrats have shoved that low approval rating even below George Bush. Geez Larry, you never acted like you knew Bush was unpopular, since you always voted, and still are, in total lock step with him. SCHIP ring a bell?

7:53 LC moved [barks out an involuntary laugh] by MJ's statement that the kids at Midvale High School want him to speak at their graduation.

7:55 MJ asks questions that people posted on the KTVB web site. Would LC support some actual rights for criminals? Well, now he would "take a very serious look at it." Says "family" for the bazillionth time. Recalls that quote, a liberal is a conservative who's been arrested.

7:58 Johnson lobs final softball: "Is there anything else you'd like to say that hasn't been said?" LC "We still love our state, it's a great place to be."

At some point, I missed the time, LC says he had a piece of toilet paper stuck to his heel, and that's what he picked up. Do you pick that up?


Tara A. Rowe said...

Thanks for the play-by-play. Those of us outside of Boise missed the sugar-coated lead in to Matt Lauer.

Alan said...

Your welcome. The Statesman had lots of info on the two interviews, including a comparison of the differences in his stories.

I hope folks pick up on Craig saying he reads email to see what Idahoans are thinking. Risch doesn't. When Risch wants to talk to someone, he picks up the phone. In other words, when he has something to say. He doesn't do it to listen to Idahoans.

Serephin said...

Actually, Tara, I think KPVI-6 did show the KTVB interview before the one Lauer did. I didn't know KPVI was going to do so, and only caught the last minute or two.