Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We'll Still Have Larry to Kick Around for a While

Craig says he's not bailing out on the announced deadline of September 30. KTVB has a story about it here. Not sure now when he might go.

Place your bet as to what he'll do in the poll to the right.


steelhead said...

I think readers may be interested that Craig has been served by Brent Wilkes, who is on trial for bribery. Mr. Wilkes and his associates have given Craig $40,000 in contributions. More at Talking Points Memo.

Sisyphus said...

He's stalling (pun intended) The poll doesn't reflect my opinion that he won't change his mind, he will lose this motion and appeal it, and will await the outcome on appeal before he resigns. He will not resign because the appeal won't be heard before next election. He will retire. The next question is who will be in the primary.

Alan said...

I agree. Pursuing an appeal will easily run out the clock on his current senate term. And, on a happier note, he'll probably end up spending his campaign coffers on his legal defense, instead of donating it to some other republican.