Monday, September 17, 2007

Stop the ACLU

I wonder if Cramer will gripe about this. The Eye on Boise is reporting that the ACLU has filed a brief supporting Larry Craig's argument to withdraw his guilty plea. And, Craig's defense team is welcoming the support.

Boy, talk about getting in bed with the enemy. This has got to be creating some severe cognitive dissonance in Craig's head, and this in a brain that is already trying to reconcile hating gays but enjoying gay sex. He'll be lucky if his head doesn't explode.

Update: Everybody has jumped on this. Look for jokes on Leno and Letterman next. I guess the reason is that it has such a man bites dog aspect. I haven't looked, but I'm sure if I did I could easily come up with quotes or video of Craig complaining about the ACLU.

All of which makes me wonder, will Craig hold fast to the extreme conservatism he's known for? Or will these experiences cause him to rethink some of his beliefs. Kind of reminds me of Sherman, the protagonist in Tom Wolfe's Bonfire of the Vanities. He starts out as a "Master of the Universe," and ends up pretty low, but does rethink and change his views along the way. Will toe tappin' Larry do the same?


Mark said...

It is the American Civil Liberties Union. As such their mandate is to protect the civil liberties of all americans. Even those as hateful as the KKK,or even the befuddled Larry Craig. Those on the right hand haven't got a clue about the ACLU. They just have been brainwashed from birth to hate it. Just another day in the soap opera known as Larry's World.

Daniel Kirkdorffer said...

If Craig succeeds in staying office that can only hurt the Republicans during the next election.

spark said...

Why did you title your subject "stop the ACLU?"

Alan said...

Spark, it was an attempt at irony. As Mark said, so many on the right have been brainwashed to hate the ACLU that their reaction is to oppose it at every turn.

When wingers complain to me about the ACLU, I usually say something like, "Yeah, that damn ACLU, who needs civil liberties." Again, an attempt at irony.