Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Craig, Redux

Well, the ether is abuzz with the rumor that Craig might not resign. Craig said it was his intent to resign, which is not the same as saying "I hereby resign." Mountain Goat has linkys here.

This is an interesting twist. It could be a trial balloon, to see if he garners any support, as he seemed to get from PA Sen Arlen Specter.

I've blown* hot and cold on Craig's circumstances. At first happy, then sympathetic, then annoyed. Now I'm thinking, why should the national R party determine who represents Idaho in the Senate. The Rs tossed Craig into the propeller with incredible swiftness, showing they don't care about Craig or what Idaho voters want, they just care about national politics and trying to maintain lots of Rs in the Senate.

Craig was backed at his news conference by Gov Otter (and wife), Bill Sali, Tom Luna, some weird guy wearing a beard and sunglasses**, and others. Seems to me that the Idaho Rs still support Craig. I say, don't resign because of the desires of national Rs. They've shown that Idaho is just a pawn in their game. Instead, focus on what Idaho voters want.

If Craig determines that Idaho voters want him gone, fine, resign. I certainly want him gone. But if he thinks he's got a shot, well, take it. I do think this will help Idaho Ds, but more importantly, I don't like the DC beltway twiterati dictating who represents Idaho.

* I know, Dude, you said blown. Har.
** Check out the video of Craig resigning. Standing behind him is a stubble-bearded guy who nervously flips up and down his sunglasss, and takes pix. I happen to know that guy, but still, it looks odd.


Anonymous said...

** Yeah - what was up with the faux photographer in the background? He also hung around through Channel 7's follow up coverage after Craig left.

The dude did not look like he belonged and seemed to be squinting through some off camera gestures.

Alan said...

The guy has a full time job with a state agency, and it's not taking pictures or reporting on politics. I'm pretty sure he was just there to spectate, and ended up behind Craig.

Anonymous said...

It was obvious he wanted to be in the shot though. Especially with the follow-ups on Channel 7 after the press conference.