Friday, September 21, 2007

Craig Back In Washington

Larry Craig is back, doing Idaho's business in Washington D.C. Since he voted against giving our troops some relief, I kind of wish he'd have stayed away.

I wonder how Craig got to D.C. Did he go through Minneapolis? Did he change concourses? Did he visit the infamous restroom? (Almost certainly no to the last one, but you never know.)

Gov Otter said that Craig wanted to get a feel for what it would be like to be back in D.C. Have you ever done something dumb and embarassing, and had to face the music with a certain group of folks? Get really drunk at the Christmas party and make a pass at a co-worker, something like that? Well, the next day at work you're feeling pretty low and have apologies to make, and that day sucks, but the next day is a little better, and after a while the embarassment has faded and you feel okay around your co-workers again. You might have felt like quitting instead of going back, but you didn't quit and it turned out okay.

I figure that's what Craig's going through. He's gotta make the rounds and admit to being a bone head, but once he's done, he'll feel much better about hanging around. And if he withdraws his guilty plea, he can say, "I cleared my name. I'm no longer guilty, at least until so proven in court." His defense looks pretty good.

If Craig beats the rap, how can his fellow seantors deny him his committee leadership positions? Especially when looking him in the eye, now that he's back in D.C. He'll be back in the saddle.

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