Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Values Voters

After the last presidential election, the MSM chattered endlessly about “values voters.” The point being that Dems just didn’t express faith, and therefore were out of touch with the majority of American voters. Lots of blather about how Dems need to express faith. So now we have Clinton, Obama and Edwards being very open about faith. Okaaaaay.

I think they’re missing the point. Now the nation is trending very Dem, which I think actually reflects the nations values. We don’t like torture. We don’t like a huge wage gap between CEOs and workers. We don’t like a corrupt system favoring lobbyists. We like habeas corpus. We like due process. We like civil rights. We like open government. These are American values.

Rove and Bush scared folks into voting R, in large part by whipping up the Christianist base, and the MSM called this “values voters.”

Well now that political opinion is moving left, I hope that we see appropriate commentary about how these values voters are still voting their values. No torture. No renditions. No wiretapping of American citizens. Habeas corpus is available to the accused. We want to know what our executive branch is up to.

Thank goodness for George Bush and Karl Rove. They made us miserable for six or eight years, but clued the American voter into how antithetical Republicans are to American values.

Value voters are still voting their values. They’ve finally realized that Bush/Rove don’t represent their values. It just took some time.

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Binkyboy said...

You've done good work in pushing a few of these "values voters" over the edge. Now finish them off, don't stop.