Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Shocking Headline in Today's Statesman

No, it's not the headline about Larry Craig. That's not a shock. I was shocked by this: "Idaho lawmakers sad to see Gonzalez go." Are you kidding me?

Gonzalez was worse than incompetent. He was actively incompetent. He was the Energizer Bunny of incompetence. He was the King of incompetence, and he'll always reign. He had the reverse Midas touch while AG. Everything he touched turned to crap.

He authored the memo that justified the use of torture, something most thinking Americans abhor. He has destroyed the Justice Department, which has been described as the crown jewel of the Cabinet positions. Gonzalez hired political hacks from third rate schools, which was fine so long as they were loyal. Think Monica Goodling. He politicized the civil rights division. And on and on and on. Justice Department employees were bailing out in droves, voting with their feet.

America is a country of laws, and no person is above the law. To uphold that core principle, we need a strong, clean, fair, independent Justice Department. If those four adjectives don't apply, it isn't justice. And yet Gonzalez has consistently justified, and helped cover up, Bush administration departures from our core values. Many republicans even criticized Gonzalez, and certainly none openly supported him near the end.

And yet Idaho's lawmakers are sad to him go? Come on. Is there anything you won't support that's done by the President and his administration? Anything? Torture? Holding American citizens without legal counsel, without habeous corpus? That's all okay with you? Unbelievable.

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