Friday, August 10, 2007

Only Christians in Congress, or America is Doomed

Rep Bill Sali's mouth has gotten him in trouble. Michael Kinsley said a gaffe is when someone blurts out the truth. Well, Sali has blurted out his true feelings. Only Christians should serve in Congress. Not Muslims, not Jews, not Hindus, not Mormons.

Stapilus has a Post "Them What Don't Belong" here. Wayne Hoffman Sali communication director responds on this post.

Huckleberries Online has a post here, with extensive comments, including Hoffman trying to put out the fire.

Mountain Goat has a post about it. Red State Rebels calls it "The Divisive Gospel of Sali."

Mcjoan at Dailykos placed a post on the front page here.

TalkingPointsMemo's take is here.
Rep. Bill Sali (R-ID): God may destroy America over Hindu prayer in the senate. Muslim congressman probably won't help any either.
Here's the original article.

And please, won't someone with the ability to get a response (Statesman, Spokane Review, New West, LDS Church) ask Sali the question bubblehead keeps asking ? It is a legitimate question of concern to lots of Sali's constituents.
If it’s his personal opinion that non-Christians shouldn’t be heard in Congress, and since the national leader of his church teaches that Mormons aren’t Christians, is it Rep. Sali’s “personal opinion” that Mormons shouldn’t be heard in Congress? I’m sure there are a healthy portion of his constituents who would like to know the answer to that one.
I think bubblehead has posted it plenty enough that Sali is aware of the question. Certainly Hoffman is. After this much time, failure to answer the question must mean that in fact, Sali does not belive Mormons are Christians, but he doesn't want to say so.

Bill Sali believes that Mormons are not Christians. If this is not true Mr. Sali, please deny it. Continued silence will be taken for agreement with this position.

Update: Sali clarifies to the Statesman here.

Later update: In the comments to this post, bubblehead says he has received an answer to his question, which he'll post on his site later.


Bubblehead said...

I called Congressman Sali's office this morning with that question, and Mr. Hoffman was kind enough to return my call. I'll post his answer to the LDS question tomorrow over at my place.

Bubblehead said...

I posted over at my place about the statement I got from Sali's PR man; here's what he said:

"Based on my knowledge of the Congressman, he has a lot of good friends who are LDS, and believes they worship the same God as he does. I don't know if Congressman Sali is versed enough in Mormon beliefs (to) comment further, except to say that he does have great respect and friendship with many of those practitioners of the Mormon faith.”