Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Idahoan

Mountain Goat has stirred up the Idaho blogosphere with his reporting on The Idahoan. Kevin Richert in the Statesman picked up the story and contacted Wayne Hoffman. Bubblehead, in his direct manner, left a comment asking the Idahoan if he/she is Wayne Hoffman.

So, having been previously unaware of the site, I checked it out. The site uses lots of "guest posts" a la Trish and Halli, which I don't think will help accomplish its goal of serving as a right-wing counterpart to the blue blogosphere in Idaho (too boring). The Idahoan sings the praises of Steve Thayn, who as Julie noted here is extremely conservative.
We at The Idahoan are so very proud of our good friend Rep. Steven Thayn, who garnered national attention this week for keeping our children out of the hands of the nanny state.
If the site is applauding Thayn's efforts to oppose pre-K education for kids, it is placing itself on the far right of the political spectrum.

This little pearl caught my eye.
We seem to have a fair share of Idaho Democrats who believe in restricting the right to keep and bear arms. They'll tell you they support the Second Amendment then give you a hundred ways that the U.S. Constitution should be upended.
This was a surprise to me. Talk about the third rail of Idaho politics (touch it and you're dead), gun control is it. I know of no Idaho Dem who supports gun control.

So, Idahoan, please name said gun control supporting Idaho Democrats. Can you name even one? If not, this says volumes about your credibility and veracity.

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