Thursday, August 02, 2007


As noted by binkyboy in the comments to my immediately preceding post, Adam is crying foul (literally: "Foul on you, Idablue!") about my post on the Aryan Warrior recently arrested.

Adam takes my statement that the guy isn't going to get a break on the arrest as a slam on the police. My point, apparently too subtly or obliquely made, was that the guy's behavior - tattooing Aryan Warrior on his forehead - was going to result in negative consequences for him. Plus, I was also hoping to imply that the guy appears to be a bloomin' idiot.

The post was not commenting on the police. I will admit that my post about arresting the person for unlawful use of bathroom was critical of the police action in that case, but the criticism was aimed at the individual arrester, not the department. I think the BPD for the most part is a fine organization, although I do wish they'd write more tickets for following too closely.

Adam also says I was trying to parody Mountain Goat's posts about Sali. Parrot might be the word Adam wanted there rather than parody. If my post resembled MG's style, well, thanks for the compliment. MG has one of the best blogs in the NW blogosphere.

I did have a sentence wondering whether the Aryan Warrior voted for Kerry or Bush, but I removed that within minutes of posting it. I was uncomfortable with the implication. I removed the sentence hours before I knew Adam was cheesed off about it. I will say straight up that I believe Aryans and racists are more likely to vote Republican, for a couple of reasons. One, Dems tend to get most of the black and Jewish vote, and two, the GOP for decades has promoted its "southern strategy". That strategy was intended to appeal to the white southern vote along racial lines, so would tend to attract the racist vote.

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Binkyboy said...

Well, Adam went further. Communists vote for Democrats!

You know, Communists like those that believe in redistribution of wealth, in equality amongst the masses, communism as in "a failed economic model that encourages corruption".

Not quite the Stalin-communism that Adam wants to believe all liberals are attracted to, you know the kind where only the economic model is communist while the rest of government is run as a military dictatorship, something that all liberals dislike.

But don't stop Adam now, he's on an uneducated tear and nothing factual will stop him!