Friday, August 24, 2007

Campaign money

It's time to follow the money a bit, since July 31, 2007 was a recent deadline for updated campaign finance reports. (Click on pictures below to enlarge)

First off, Jim Risch is finally getting around to repaying the $360,000 he loaned himself for his 2002 Lt Gov campaign. He used $125,000 of money left over from his last campaign. He still hasn't charged himself interest.

Next, Gov Otter has received some $5,600 in donations in 2007, and spent almost $15,000. I guess the expenses were for wrapping up the campaign, and the inaugural.

It's a little suprising that folks would be donating money after the election is over, since after all, the election is over. If the money isn't for helping Otter get elected, I wonder what the donators thought they were giving money for? Also interesting is checking the "Primary" block. Is it for the next primary? Probably just a pro forma deal.

Luna had contributions of $11,300 in 2007, and he spent $11,200. Again, the point of donating is? Since Luna has $27,000 of debt, donations might help retire that. However, Luna made no payments on his debt in 2007.

It appears that Tamarak, Tracy Lotz, and the Education Network of America are concerned about Luna's debt. Notice that their contributions (total of $8,000) are specifically earmarked for debt retirement. Looks like Luna's in no hurry to retire his debt, despite the earmarked contributions.

The University of Phoenix is also an interesting post-election contributor.

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