Thursday, June 07, 2007

Supreme Court Justice

I sat in on the interview of Sen Bart Davis for one of the Idaho Supreme Court vacancies. 6 members of the judicial council asked Davis about one question each. The room had 14 spectators, which included Dan Popkey and Shawna Gamache from the Statesman, and 5 law clerks.

Popkey and Gamache sat at the back and typed away on laptops that linked into the Court's wireless network. That had been set up in advance.

I didn't think Davis interviewed so swell, though I didn't see any others and can't compare. He said some things that kind of raised my eyebrows. He said it would be good for the Court to have a member with political influence in the legislature, since the Court's budget is set by the legislature.

He was asked what he thought about the system for electing/reappointing judges, and he ended up saying he didn't know what was best.

He was asked by so few folks from outside the Boise area applied. 16 from Treasure Valley, 2 from eastern Idaho, and 1 from McCall. Davis responded by complaining that the previous Councils and Gov gave short shrift to areas outside of Boise, and folks elsewhere have become "disenheartened" and aren't applying.

The interview lasted a little more than a half hour, mostly because of Davis' somewhat rambling answers. At one point he acknowledged that and said, "Okay, I'll shut up now." Never a good sign in an interview. Interviews run through tomorrow.

Update: I remembered that Davis also said that when he was elected to the legislature, he thought talk radio had all the right answers. He said he later found that not to be true.

Later Update: The Statesman reports something that slipped by me. Gamache quotes Davis responding to a question about being beholden to a special interest group as a result of being in the legislature.
"I don't believe that there are groups and associations that feel that they have co-opted Bart Davis," Davis said. "I do not feel beholden to any particular group or organization."
OMG. He's talking about himself in the third person. Does he think he's Bob Dole?


Tara A. Rowe said...

As hard as I've tried I can't find an admirable quality in Senator Davis. I keep hoping that he doesn't get the seat, but Alan, do you see any standouts in those who are interviewing?

Alan said...

To me, Sen Davis didn't exhibit any humility or humbleness. Whether that counts I don't know. I suspect his political connection will derail him, as it will Lynn Luker.

Mike Gilmore would make an outstanding Justice, but he's identified as a Dem so that hurts his chances.

Given that one of the two vacancies was held by a woman, I strongly suspect that at least one woman will be chosen. Judge Stricklin is pretty good, though I wouldn't say she's a stand out.

I think the judge candidates probably have the best shot.