Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sali Votes With Club for Growth

With a nod to Mountain Goat and his excellent reporting of Sali's voting, I thought I'd have a look from a different angle. Below I set out the five House "Key Issues" Club For Growth lists on its web site, and check those positions against Sali's vote. Sali voted the CFG position all five times.

I quote the actual text from the CFG site. After the CFG text I list vote totals. Two columns of numbers are Ayes, then Nayes. Three rows are Democrats, Republicans, and total votes. I don't list abstain or not voted.

H.R. 1257
CFG Position - No
Sali vote - No
The Club for Growth urges members of the House to vote "NO" on the Shareholder Vote on Executive Compensation Act (H.R. 1257).

Sponsored by Rep. Barney Frank, H.R. 1257 would require companies to include in their proxy material a non-binding vote on a company's executive compensation plan.



H.R 401
CFG - No
Sali - No
If the House schedules a vote for the National Capital Transportation Amendments Act of 2007 (H.R. 401), the Club for Growth plans to score a "NO" vote on it as a pro-economic growth vote in our annual rating of Congress.

Sponsored by Rep. Tom Davis, H.R. 401 would provide the nation's capital transit system, better known as the Metro, with an additional taxpayer subsidy of $1.5 billion. If passed, the Davis earmark would be one of the largest ever passed by Congress.


H. Con Res 99, Ryan Amendment
CFG - Yes
Sali - Yes. After the Amendment was defeated Sali voted against the bill.
The Club for Growth urges Members of the U.S. House to vote "YES" on the Ryan Substitute Amendment to the Concurrent Budget Resolution (H. Con. Res. 99). This key vote will be part of our 2007 Congressional Scorecard.

This substitute amendment is a pro-growth alternative budget that is vastly better than the one set forth by the House Budget Committee. Among other things, the substitute extends the Bush tax cuts, saves $279 billion in mandatory savings and stops the raid on the Social Security Trust Fund, all of which the official budget resolution does NOT do.



H.R. 1401
CFG - Yes
Sali - Yes
The Club for Growth urges Members of the U.S. House to vote "YES" on the Sessions Amendment to the "Rail and Public Transportation Security Act of 2007" (H.R. 1401). This key vote will be part of our 2007 Congressional Scorecard.

This amendment will prohibit funds from being used by Amtrak for any of the Top 10 worst revenue losing long-distance routes.

Amtrak is the poster child for why the government should stay out of the private sector. After spending billions and billions of taxpayers' funds, it continues to lose money. While this amendment is not the complete solution, it aims to get rid of the most inefficient and wasteful routes. If Congress is serious about being responsible fiscal stewards to American taxpayers, they will pass this amendment.


H.R. 800
CFG - No
Sali - No
The Club for Growth, with its 40,000 members, urges Members of the U.S. House to vote "NO" on the absurdly named, Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800), a bill that would allow unions to bypass secret elections. This key vote will be part of our 2007 Congressional Scorecard.

This bill does nothing but allow union organizers to freely intimidate workers into signing on to their agenda. Secret elections protect workers from this abuse and ensure that their voting decisions are made freely. Secret elections have been a cornerstone of our democratic process since our nation's founding for reasons so obvious and broadly accepted that they have never been seriously questioned. It speaks volumes about the supporters of this bill that they would seek to deny workers the fundamental democratic right to vote in private.


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Adam Graham said...

Thanks, CFG is right most of the time, they backed reforming earmarks while most Democrats voted against all 19 earmarks amenmdents last year.