Thursday, May 03, 2007

Odd Items at KTVB

If you've been following the arson and homicide case in Boise, you know that the cops unearthed a body in the back yard of the torched home. The apparent perp, Todd Hagnas, was sitting on the front porch of the home, quaffing a beer, and calmly told the firefighters they might find some bodies. One of the bodies was of Jeffrey Willet, at right.

KTVB carried this photo of Willett and has a story here. When my sweetheart saw the photo, she wondered if it was taken after they dug poor Jeffrey up. I know, say nothing but good of the dead and all that, but judging by this photo, Willet had a rough life.


KTVB also has an AP story here with the lede
It was an act of animal vandalism.

Bannock County officials say someone spray-painted the words "Go Home" on the sides of a roaming dog.
I like dogs, but that made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

making fun of the poor, dead, and laughing at animal mistreatment. Not very progressive.

Alan said...

I'll give you it's not very P.C. I don't think the dog was particularly poorly treated. Blog Idaho has some pix of the painted pooch here

I don't think it's okay to spray paint a dog, but I don't think the dog was harmed by it.

Anonymous said...

I know Jeff and yeah he might of had a rough life but who doesn't? No one deserves to be killed and no one deserves to be made fun of after they die! This is rude and I cant believe that anyone would say things about someone that was murdered and did nothing wrong! Maybe it should have been you that got hit over the head with a pick axe you ass!

Unknown said...

Wow and I didn't see this sooner almost seven or eight years later... I'm the son of jeffery

Jamie Willett said...

Haha like last post.... don't ever judge a book by its cover my father was a good man... yes he had a rough life but he loved his family and was willing to do anything for us ... rip dad