Monday, May 21, 2007

Moscow Shooter

If you're reading this blog, you're interested enough in politics and news that you know about the wacko who flipped out in Moscow, Idaho, killed his wife, shot up a police station, killed a policeman and wounded a deputy, then ended up in a church where he killed somone else and himself. A tragedy for all involved.

I'm waiting for Cramer or Instapundit or Adam or someone to make the point; "If everyone carried guns, we'd all be safer. He wouldn't have gotten away with it." To which I'd reply, the guy attacked a police station, where everyone is armed and even trained to shoot. If you can shoot up a police station and get away with it (the guy killed himself), what does that say about the effectiveness of arming the population?

Please, spare us the specious, self-serving, speculative argument. Concluding that an armed population would put an end to such idiocy is as fallacious as concluding that successfully attacking a police station means that arming the population would have no effect. Both fail for lack of facts, causal link and general common sense.

Update: Here's a link to a story about the U of I student who grabbed a gun and ran to try to help, only to get severely shot up himself. He's described as an avid hunter. The first bullet went through his back, diaphragm, liver and lung. He said that when struck he first thought, "Now I know what a deer feels like." Not a good argument for arming the populace.


Adam Graham said...

I'm actually focusing on honoring the dead and thinking of the living. Though one has to say that he shot one officer. Had he decided to attack an unarmed building like an apartment house, casualties would have been much higher. The only good side to attacking someone with a death wish is that they'll choose their targets accordingly.

I'd also point out that Moscow has a very small police force. I'd be surprised if they had half a dozen officers at the courthouse. It hardly says anything one way or another on an armed "populace" as one police station is far too small for that.

Anonymous said...

Ask the U of I student who grabbed his gun and ran outside if his actions were effective? He was shot 3 times and he is lucky to be alive. Sorry, to me it looks like the argument for everyone to be "packing" loses on this one. "Small Police force". Hmmm where did the armored car and SWAT team in full military gear and automatic weapons (as seen in video on local news programs)come from? The truly sad thing is the fact that the perp threatened in February to do what he did last weekend and nothing was done to him.

Anonymous said...

If there was any truth to the NRA eutopia then Iraq would be the safest place on the face of the earth. This shooter had to be an NRA member because he went after cops or as our eloquent senior Seanator has called them in the past "jack booted thugs". Save a cop; stop the NRA.

Anonymous said...

Jake flipped out after the "men in black" tightened up their informants leash ..... government pushed him too far, they picked the wrong person to try to infiltrate the Aryan Brotherhood, they should of known with his previous criminal history that he was far too unstable to be a successful informant. the man had a lengthy rapsheet, yet he had the ATF's permission to purchase or posess fully automatic weapons. Also what Aryan Nations member gets a plea bargain and misdemeanors for shooting up a car and building? Jason Hamilton does, why? THINK ABOUT IT. This post comes from someone that knew Jake personally, for many many years