Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baseball Team

Now that Fred Thompson has joined the fray for President, 11 white men in dark suits and white shirts are running for the Republican nomination, enough to make a baseball team. Unfortunatly, as a baseball team they're doomed. No lefties, no switch hitters, several flip-floppers, almost none have their eye on the ball, or are on the ball at all, and the only thing they can connect with are softballs.

Some are pitching to the base, others are striking out, fans are booing them. Luckily for them, it's still in the early innings and they've got time to rally before the playoffs.

Jeez, with this silly string of sports metaphors, I feel like a real pundit.

Update: I know, 9 guys on a baseball team, 11 on a football team. But, if you count a designated hitter and a relief pitcher, you're at 11 for baseball.

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Anonymous said...

Great. Yet another collection of stale, pale, males. Jut what this country need.