Thursday, February 15, 2007

Chivalry is Dead

The Statesman reports on its (not so execrable any more since the redesign) website about two yahoos who left an 18 year old young woman to die in the snow. What a couple of idiots. Read the story; it’ll make you angry.

They didn’t do any of the basic winter survival techniques (go prepared, stay in one place, let someone know where you’re going to be, etc.), and then, worst of all, they left that poor girl collapsed in the snow, a glove on her foot in place of a shoe, figuring she’d get up and follow them.

This is either an egregious example of stupidity, selfishness and disregard for human life, or there is more to the story that has not yet come out. I won’t be surprised or bothered to see both criminal and civil actions filed against these clowns.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

gina said...

her family misses her.
-Gina (sister)