Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Survey

At lunch today I tried to dig some change out of my pants pocket, and had to bend over at the waist to reach it; the pockets are that deep. That got me thinking about pockets, and I’m proposing a survey.

Some pants makers have tried to include a “pocket” or slot or something for a cell phone, and occasionally a place for an MP3 player. Neither of these would help me much. Both are kind of heavy and bulky for pants pockets, even if they don't spontaneously ignite and toast your nether regions.

Here’s the survey. What do you carry in your pants pockets on a regular basis? I carry some bills in a money clip and a flat INOVA LED flashlight in my right front pocket. Any change I accumulate during the day goes in there, but I try to avoid carrying change as I don’t like to jingle when I walk. In my left front pocket, I carry a chapstick (I know, not manly), a half gig memory stick, and a Swiss Army pen knife. What do you carry? I’m guessing this is pretty much a man thing; women seem to prefer purses.

If my pockets had one or two mini-pockets in them (some dress pants have one) it would help me store that stuff. And I don’t need pockets to go half way to my knees and are big enough to carry a chicken. I like the little watch pocket in Levi’s; it’s a great place to put change.


Anonymous said...

Keys, cellphone, wallet.

rbs said...

Pants pockets: Keys, change, wallet. Keys are attached to a USB memory stick.

From October through April, cellphone goes in the special cellphone pocket in my leather coat. Well, I assume that's what the pocket is for because it's _just_ the right size.

In summer, cellphone might go in shorts pocket if I'm wearing shorts that have the extra pocket on the outside thigh. Otherwise it usually ends up in my outer backpack pocket.

I used to use the watch pocket in my jeans for an actual pocket watch. But I have to give that up because pocket watches were too expensive for the abuse that I put them through.

Alan said...

Huckleberries Online linked to the post, and has generated quite a few responses. See it here


Dean said...

ID card and change, (pennies only, I put the rest in a cup in my office) in one pocket, keys in another, wallet in the back. No gadgets for me.