Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Gubernatorial Debate

It was easy to see why Butch Otter preferred the KTVB debate format and ducked the IPTV debate. The KTVB photo op was not a debate. It was a farce.

The debate allowed no follow up questions, and did not allow the candidates to ask each other questions. Since all four candidates answered each question, the questions were general and did not focus on a particular candidate’s positions, and thus were unenlightening. They may as well have just published the questions and answers the paper.

I’m all for allowing people other than just the two main parties to be heard, but in the only statewide debate the criteria need to be stricter. Neither Dunlop or Pro-Life are serious contenders, and allowing them to appear on the stage just cut in half the time we could hear the legitimate candidates.

Still, Pro-Life was entertaining. His method to stay in touch with Idaho voters; “I’d take a bum to lunch.” In response to a question about health care, he said we’re all going to hell. He hates government and thinks it shouldn’t have anything to do with education; that is up to the churches. He was okay with having government go after people who get abortions, and after illegal aliens

And BTW, don't you just love the word gubernatorial. Having to do with goobers. There were definitely two goobers in the debate.


Julie in Boise said...

Alan, thanks for posting this. Indeed, Pro-Life provided some comic relief, intentional or not.

I was giggling big time at his claims that we didn't have health care until about 60 years ago. Yeah, those leeches worked really well!

Peter Nguyen said...

Hey Folks,

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