Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Republicans for Grant

Dan Popkey reports here on the formation of Republicans for Grant. RFG already has a website up and running, and man it's pretty funny. But first, the RFG site posts postive quotes about Grant and provides reasons to vote for him, such as
Once in a while a leader comes along who cuts across the partisan divide, brings us together and works in the best interest of all Idahoans. Republicans, independents and Democrats have such a leader in Larry Grant.
Check out this page of quotes about Sali, a few of which I quote below. Ouch!

Of course, Newcomb's comment about Sali being an "absolute idiot" is there, as is Sorenson's classic quote about Sali's incompetence and dishonesty. But so is "He’s an obstinate opportunist", Delores Crow, and "I just didn’t think he was very competent in his job", Bruce Newcomb. Incompetence seems to be a theme.

My favorite quote is "Sali is the Lone Ranger of political boorishness" by the Idaho Mountian Express.

Popkey also adds this comment by Jim Nelson of Nelson Construction.
But Sali's incivility in his 16 years as a legislator is driving Republicans away. Nelson, the leading organizer of Republican for Grant, called upon the words of the GOP speaker of the Idaho House. "Bruce Newcomb had it right," said Nelson. "He's an idiot's idiot."
Not a pretty picture for Sali.

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