Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Popkey Skewers Sali; So Does Sorenson

Dan Popkey writes here about the effect of the marriage amendment on Sali's candidacy.

Apparently this was started by a Sali press release attempting to label Larry Grant as an out of touch liberal, a very typical and predictable tactic. Go negative instantly. Grant's reponse:

"This election isn't about gay marriage," Grant said. "This election is about leadership. This election is about how do we get America back on track, how we get control of spending, corruption and governmental failure. Gay marriage is way down the list of things we have to address."

Further down the article, Shiela Sorenson says

"(Sali) was incompetent in the Legislature," she said. "In the campaign he proved himself dishonest and deceitful, and he'd be an embarrassment to Idaho."
Ouch. Incompetent, dishonest, deceitful and an embarassment. And from a fellow republican.

One candidate, a pariah in his party, wants to go negative and run a campaign on name calling, and the other wants to address issues and provide leadership. If this is a tough call for you, you are not giving it rational consideration.

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