Sunday, June 25, 2006

Operation Completion

I got a couple of comments to recent posts from folks affiliated with Operation Completion. Although my posts were kind of critical, the comments were well mannered.

One of commenters disputed my claim of 40-50 attendees, and asserted attendenace of 250 or so. See below for all my crowd pix, and count for yourself. I'm sticking with 50ish; 250 is way inflated.


Bubblehead said...

I just put up one of the pictures I took, where I counted 78 people, so I'm estimating about 100 people attended.

Alan said...

Having looked pretty closely at your pic and considering the others not in your pic that you identify in your post, I agree that 100 is a good estimate. 50 Is too low. 250 is way to high.