Sunday, June 18, 2006

Don't Think About It

Dan Popkey and Greg Hahn write in the Statesman that Bill Sali accepted an olive branch from Rep Mike Simpson, then failed to return the sentiment.

Simpson pledged to support Sali, and basically told the folks at the R convention that Rs must stick together and vote R, regardless of the D alternative. Simpson also ponied up $2k to Sali's campaign. Sali later voted for a measure that would require any R who held a different opinion from the R platform to be labeled as such.

It's in Simpson's personal best interest to get Sali elected; Simpson wants the Rs to control the House. Simpson is climbing up the leadership ladder, and his appointments to the various committees would suffer if Ds took control. His motivation is, like everybody else, personal self interest.

But consider the message. Vote for Sali regardless of the D alternative. Doesn't matter what views the R or the D holds, it's party loyalty above all.
"I've heard some talk about Republicans for Grant," Simpson said. "There is no such thing as a Republican for Grant. They are Democrats."
Ignore good candidates, vote only for people who will help me promote my career, says Simpson, and if you don't, I'm going to brand you as a traitor and exclude you from the party. The same message was promoted by the Idaho R Party Chairman.

This is such typical R politics these days. Don't question authority, don't think for yourself, and if you do you aren't acceptable. Oh, if you're an independent, you're not welcome either. So much for R "Big Tent" politics.

David Duke from Louisiana, the white power candidate, was an R. Be sure to vote for him, say R party leaders and apologists. His views don't matter. Sali's extreme conservative views, him being an "absolute idiot", his near total lack of effectiveness, all don't matter. Don't think about it. Grant's business background, his fiscal conservatism and his moderate D views, none of that matters. Please please please don't think for yourself and just vote R. If you start thinking, you might start voting D.

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