Friday, June 09, 2006

Dan Adamson's campaign reporting

In looking over Dan Adamson's financial reporting, a couple of oddities appear. First, on line 7 of the summary sheet, he reports $0.00 of outstanding debt. However, in schedule A Contributions, he lists in column C almost $90,000 in loans from himself to his campaign. In schedule B he shows no debt payments. $90k in loans, $0 in loan payments, $0 loan balance. Conclusion; Adamson's campaign treasurer Dwight Romnell is either a bonehead or is severely math challenged.

Even more curious is the campaign expense shown below.
This is the largest campaign expense, paid by Adamson as a loan to his campaign, and it's to a company in India. He doesn't indicate what it's for, but I'd guess some type of telephone work, or maybe something to do with his website. Anyway, outsourcing campaign work to India seems like a clumsy political move.

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