Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Coming Republican Schism

I can't remember which blogger used this title to point up the troubles coming in the Idaho GOP due to the idealogues taking over, but the post was dead on. (I hope you leave a comment and take credit). Anyway, it's happening all over, not just to Bubblehead and other Idaho moderates.

The Guardian Observer writes
As the Democrats enjoy a resurgence, the Republicans are in disarray. [Former Kansas GOP party chair] Parkinson's defection encouraged other moderates to abandon a party controlled by right-wing religious zealots. In political terms they are called Rinos, or Republicans in Name Only. If enough Rinos desert, the strict ideologues in the party are likely to drift further right. 'A number of conservatives are actually pleased that the moderates are leaving the Republican party. That really could spell trouble,' Beatty said.
But in a swath of heartland states such as Kansas, Democrats are seeing the first signs of their party's rebirth. Parkinson is not alone in switching sides. In Virginia, Jim Webb, a one-time Reagan official, is seeking to be a Democrat senator. In South Carolina, top Republican prosecutor Barney Giese has defected after a spat with conservatives. Back in Kansas another top Republican, Paul Morrison, also joined the Democrats and is challenging a Republican to be the state attorney-general.
h/t Andrew Sullivan.

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