Friday, June 09, 2006


There is some correlation between political contributions to Butch Otter's campaign and survival as an agency director under Gov Risch. Maybe Risch did talk to Otter about his appointments.

I looked over contributions to Otter's campaign, and saw donors I recognized. I did not check all agency heads so I don't know how well donations equal political survival, but I did see some interesting contributions.

Roger Madsen, reappointed as head of Dept of Comerce & Labor, gave Otter $100 on 15 March. Pat Takasugi, who was widely rumored to be on the chopping block but was reappointed as head of Dept of Agriculture, gave Otter $100 on 14 March, 19 April, and 27 April, total of $300. Pam Ahrens, reappointed as head of Dept of Administration, gave Otter $750 on 3 March.

Carolyn Terteling gave Otter $100 on 12 April, and a Carolyn Terteling-Payne replaced Ann Heilman as head of Dept of Human resources.

I didn't see any donations from sacked Director Karl Kurtz or Ann Heilman. I didn't really check for donations from everyone who was retained or non-retained, just looked for names I recognized.

I did not see donations from Ms. Hardesty, retained as head of DEQ, or from Larry LaFrenz, retained as state Adjutant General.

Were I an agency head, I think I'd spread a little cash around. Doesn't seem to hurt.

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