Sunday, June 04, 2006

Birds of Prey Festival

Kuna held its Birds of Prey Festival Saturday, and here are some pix of events.

A couple strolling along the greenbelt.

Local Sheriff's Deputy (we don't have a police force) talking to some "bikers" at the Farmer's Market.

Having a snack, heading for the carnival.

Some BMX racers at the BMX park. (Full disclosure; this pic was taken at the park on Thursday, but BMXers were at Kuna's park on Saturday; I just missed the shot.)

This guy was pulling a trailer with seats to shuttle the 3 blocks between the Farmer's market and the Carnival.

One of the many trains that roar through town all day and night, blasting the air horns for all they're worth.

A Kuna Idol contestant. He was really enjoying singing to the small crowd and probably would have stayed there all day, but he was pushed off the stage by a tiny girl singing the ABC song, which she did twice.


Anonymous said...

Where are the Birds of Prey?

Alan said...

We have lots of raptors flying around this area. I must see 4-5-6- hawks or falcons or whatever every day. I just didn't think to take a pic of them.

I'm kind of amazed by the number of raptors floating through the skys around here. I could show you any number of nests in trees in this area. I like watching birds, and I think it's cool to see so many flying around here. One of the things I like about Kuna.

slfisher said...

Alan, you live in Kuna? so do I.

I believe that the bottom guy is not an entrant in Idol, as I had heard there were only two entrants. I believe he was paid entertainment.

"The guy" in the tractor is the husband of Cheryl McCord, who is the power behind the revitalization of the Kuna Farmer's Market.