Tuesday, June 27, 2006

453 And Counting

Attorney General candidate Bob Wallace has invited me to a fundraiser to be held today. He must really want me there, as he's invited me hundreds of times.

When I got to work Monday morning, I had 103 unopened emails in my inbox, around 100 of them from Wallace inviting me to the fundraiser. I continued to get the same invite every few minutes on Monday. I emailed back and asked them to stop sending them, and I also called his office, but no one answered. I talked to another recipient who said that she had called Wallace's office about the problem, but they didn't think it was much of a problem.

Mid-morning on Monday I got emails from two other people asking Wallace to stop. The two had hit the "Reply To All" button, I guess, and they got swept up in the loop. I began to get three emails instead of just one. The same three, over and over. After just deleting them, I started up a new junk mail directory and the count is now 453 of these three repetitive emails. Probably a total of 500 or so, counting the ones I had deleted.

Got another email today at 8:03 AM, from a netizen known to the Idaho blogosphere, saying
Let me extend an apology for Bob Wallace and his campaign for the
inconvenience caused by the mail loop resulting from sending you
an invite to an event.
He went on to explain that they are working on the problem and hope to get it fixed soon. It's now 2:24 PM, and the mail is still coming in.

Although I am annoyed and not planning to go, you might want to. The email said
Join us for an evening of Drinks and Hours d’oeuvres at THE WALLACE FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTERS JUNE 27, 2006 FROM 6:30-9:00 The Mode Building 802 West Idaho Street Special Guest Tony Park

I'd be happy to forward you a copy if you'd like; I've got plenty of extras.

Oop, now up to 458 emails. Netroots is not for amatuers, I guess.

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