Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wingnut Award

Awarded to the Idaho Electorate.

We did it again. In the grand tradition of Steve Symms and Helen Chenoweth, we have nominated Bill Sali to represent us in Congress.

Symms was the poster child for a congressman who would not give an inch on his issues, would not compromise, and consequently was totally ineffective in Congress where compromise is crucial to being effective.

It's great to elect someone who thumps the tub, pounds the table with a shoe and talks a great game. And if we want someone who talks pretty but doesn't bring home the bacon, Sali/Chenoweth/Symms is our man. (Recall that Chenoweth wanted to be addressed as Congressman.)

But if we want someone who will actually accomplish legislation, we struck out. Sali was pretty much ineffective in the Idaho legislature in 16 years, and I'm sure we can count on lots of windy high-falutin', anti-abortion, tax-cuttin' rhetoric from him if he gets to Washington. Unfortunately, we won't be able to count on him getting any legislation that will help Idahoans passed. Like Symms. Like Chenoweth. Oops, we did it again.

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slfisher said...

Actually, Shawn Keough, who competently chaired the property tax fora around the state, who was the table-pounder, because she didn't have a gavel. She was also the vice chair for JFAC this year.