Monday, May 01, 2006

My Idaho Rocks

Dan Adamson for Gov lists as his campaign website, but it seems intended to be more than that.

The website is the slickest political site I've seen; well designed and lots of stuff to see. When you go to it, a video of Mrs. Adamson immediately starts up, including background music. It has music links, classifieds, fora (forums), and it promotes being a "cyberidahoan". I checked it a week ago, and I thought it had an Adamson blog. I did see a bunch of comments dissing Adamson, but they've since been pulled.

Also, last week I could find his interesting ideas about free tacos to voters, but couldn't find it today. His plan was not for him to buy everyone tacos, but for candidates to fund a taco feast on election to anyone who could prove they voted. If memory serves, he said to take a digital photo of your ballot and use that as proof of voting. He admitted to trying to appeal to Latino voters with this idea, which seems a bit insensitive to me. Sort of like offering free watermelon in an effort to appeal to black voters. Anyway, that seems to be gone, including his slogan "Viva Los Tacos Gratis."

The fora are apparently aimed at young people, as they include a forum on Love and Dating, and another on puberty Discussion. Kind of weird for a campaign website.

They are also promoting buying pieces of cyber Idaho for a dollar, and there are one million pieces for sale. Once you become a cyber Idahoan,
That $1 will also give you access to participate in competitions, win prizes, get a trendy tee-shirt, be part of a virtual community and also support the spirit of American freedom.

Adamson appears to be trying to raise one million dollars for his campaign with the Cyber Idaho plan. It looks like Cyber-Idaho is planned for a three year run, but I suppose they'll extend it if it takes off.

The website and Dan's Cyber- Idaho will have a legal existence for said Campaign Committee from the 1 st day of February, 2006 through January 31, 2009 or 36-months. Webmasters will be retained through that date to see to it that all website content is maintained and that Dan's Cyber-Idaho is maintained for all contributors to visit.

It looks like they're giving away iPod shuffles to folks who win their contests. A person ought to donate a buck, enter a contest and try to win, because it looks like you'd have great odds. The fora and classifieds are virtually empty.

BTW, I was out of the loop for the last few days, putting down a tile floor.


Sara E Anderson said...

Oh. My. God. Is this an election or the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards? Idaho, brought to you by the Apple iPod.

Bubblehead said...

That is one weird-ass campaign website. I noticed, in the "platform" part, that he basically says that 1.9 billion people worldwide believe in the same God as most of the people in Idaho. (Most estimates are that there are about 2 billion Christians in the world.) I sent him some feedback that basically wondered if he thought that the 1.3 billion Muslims worldwide worshipped a different God than most Idahoans did, and if so, if he thought that him saying that Idahoans apparently don't believe in the God of Abraham would cause electability issues. I'll see if he changes his statement.

Anonymous said...

This guy is totally getting my vote in the primary.

Of course, I'd never vote in a million years for this guy in the general. I have a feeling a lot of others would feel the same.

Alan said...

Voting for him in the primary might be fun, and while you're at it vote for Vasquez.

I don't think he's put a lot of deep thought into the website, or theology. The whole idea of buying a piece of "Cyber Idaho", which entitles you to goodies, and using the money to finance a campaign just doesn't pass the smell test. Are you donating to a campaign, or entering a raffle, or what? I expect he'll run into some trouble eventually with the Secretary of State over this.

Jessica said...

He has not only pulled comments, but a few blog entries.

Why$ said...

Did anyone see the news last night with Jerry Brady and Dan Adamson?
I did'nt get to see it but a coworker said I should have,
What happened?