Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Idaho Rocks (might be in my head)

In looking again at Adamson's site, I found the free Tacos page. It's under point number 7 of Dan's Plans for a Better Idaho. And to clarify, he offers to pay for the tacos, but encourages other campaigns to pitch in.

He writes
Why FREE TACOS? Why not! Idaho voters are tired of politics and campaigns as usual. They want something different. Yes, we could offer them a free hamburger, but hamburgers, and yes, even free cheeseburgers, are boring and not sufficiently outrageous.

Outrageous! Cheeseburgers are boring!!!! Even free cheeseburgers.
Viva El Taco Gratis! Yes, the Dan Adamson for Governor Campaign is attempting to lure the Latino vote.
I also see that they changed the home page. It used to bring you to a map of Idaho and the cyber pieces. Now it's reasons to elect him.

Under the blog link (either it's back, or I just overlooked it), Dan writes
Dan Talks to the World
World! Where are you? Why are you? What are you? Is the world just me or is it made up of me and thee? Is there one God or many or just me and my Poky? Is there one girl for me or just one that puts up with me. You see I question alot in an effort to sound intelligent and spout off and act tough. What do you think of this topic which is not soft but extra rough. Dan Adamson
This comment, dated May 2, follows the above.
Dan, I'm really concerned if you are elected governor. I don't think you have the best interests of the people in mind. What I'm talking about specifically, in your nursing homes you are not paying a living wage for your employees. You are forcing households to have both the mother and father working outside the home. You are not paying a living wage so that the father alone can be the sole bread winner and the mother can stay home and raise the children. It appears to me that you are more concerned with making a profit than you are with the values of the family.
Well, enough of Dan's oddball website. At least they're not just letting it languish as most do.

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